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Dementia Care Solutions

Clinical Whitepaper

Arjo provides person-centred solutions and non-pharma interventions for people living with Dementia and their carers. Our new whitepaper highlights the experience long-term care facilities using the Wellness Nordic Relax® Chair and its many benefits in Dementia care.

Key findings from the clinical whitepaper show that improved overall wellness and quality of care are both possible using a nonpharmacological intervention. The chair is also primarily being used for residents with moderate to most-severe cases of dementia.1

Whitepaper: Novel Therapeutic Chair Benefits Residents With Dementia

Important data you can find in the study:

• Facility characteristics

• Frequency of chair use by dementia stage

• Reasons for chair use

• Preferred use of automated programmes

• Carers’ perceptions on its benefits

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1. Janoff K, Cooper P, Rozario D, (2020). Novel Therapeutic Chair Benefits Residents With Dementia (Whitepaper).

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