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Our investment case

Five reasons to invest in Arjo


Contributing to a sustainable future – for healthcare, society and the environment

The core of our business is to contribute to a sustainable healthcare system using the right care skills, equipment and care settings. We also take great responsibility for reducing both our own and our customers’ environmental footprint and ensuring a high level of business ethics.

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A market with attractive, long-term growth potential

The growing and aging global population leads to a continuously increasing need for healthcare, and Arjo’s current market is growing an average of 3 percent per year. In line with the new strategy and a higher degree of outcome-based solutions, the Group will successively gain traction in a market that is estimated to be ten times larger and grow at double the rate.


Continued growth and profitability improvements create room for future acquisitions

Since the listing in 2017, Arjo has reported average annual organic sales growth of 3.6 percent. In the same period, reported annual EBITDA growth was an average of approximately 12.8 percent. The Group’s strengthened financial position also creates room
for future investments and acquisitions.


Global presence with leading market positions in both acute and long-term care

Arjo’s products and services are sold in more than 100 countries in both acute and long-term care. With 65 years of experience and a global team of about 6,500 employees, we are one of the market leaders.


Strong potential for the future – Arjo is well-positioned to become a leader in outcome-based solutions

Arjo’s operations feature a long history of clinical competence and an in-depth understanding of customer needs. Following the new strategy, the Group is moving
away from selling products to increasingly offering outcome-based solutions. Arjo will continue to invest in geographic expansion, new technologies and new business models, while continuing to improve operational efficiency.

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Potvrzuji, že jsem se seznámil s definicí odborníka ve smyslu zákona č. 40/1995 Sb. a že jsem tímto odborníkem.

Beru na vědomí, že informace obsažené na následujících stránkách nejsou určeny pro laickou veřejnost, ale pouze pro odborníky. Dále potvrzuji, že jsou mi známa rizika a důsledky způsobené návštěvou těchto stránek jinou osobou než odborníkem (neporozumění řádnému fungování inzerovaných zdravotnických prostředků, nesprávný výběr zdravotnického prostředku nebo nesprávná diagnóza atd.).