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Prone Positioning in Critical Care

Learning Objectives:
Understand the clinical relevance for prone positioning and the advantages of Nimbus Professional in supporting prone positioning.
- Why prone position in the ICU?
- When could a patient require prone positioning?
- What are the current guidelines for prone positioning?
- Why is the patient at greater risk of a pressure injury in the prone position? 
- How does Nimbus Professional assist in the management of a patient in the prone position?

oktober 03 · 2023
5:00 formiddag UTC+2 · 03.10

Presenteres av

John Compton

Global Academy Director, APMEA, LATAM, China & Japan - Arjo

Phil Morrisey

Medical Affairs Manager, RN, Masters Nursing, Critical Care (ICU) Masters Nursing (Education), BA app sc nursing - Arjo