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“Joining Arjo is more

than just a job”


When Jonathan Nouel was ready to take a new step in his career, he was attracted to Arjo’s purpose of empowering movement to improve people’s quality of life. As an HR Manager at Arjo’s site in the Dominican Republic with approximately 900 colleagues, he is now dedicated to further developing the inspiring and supportive culture.


At Arjo, every employee is part of a community that strive to create a positive impact for people facing mobility challenges, and for those working to support them.

“Joining Arjo was an opportunity to feel a sense of pride and purpose in my work. I also really appreciate the work environment, the good vibe that I feel with my co-workers, and the company's strong dedication to creating a culture of inclusion and diversity, where everyone feels valued and respected.”

In his role as an HR professional, Jonathan supports the business by ensuring the right resources and capabilities for delivering on targeted production volumes. In addition to driving development projects and analysing data to gain insights for further improvements, he also finds it important that his colleagues can rely on him for anything they need, at any time – and always with a smile.

“My top priority is to ensure that all my colleagues have the support they need to unlock their potentials and achieve their goals. By working together, sharing ideas and moving in the same direction, we can really make a difference.”

Jonathan values that the organisation often takes the time to celebrate achievements and special days together, like production line of the month, birthdays, local talent program, end of the year party, and alike. This makes the workplace an inclusive and enjoyable place to be, bringing out the best in everybody.

For all employees at Arjo, Empowering Movement, is about creating optimal conditions for increased mobility in healthcare settings, benefitting both clinical and financial outcomes. It is also about empowering ourselves and each other, sharing good energy and moving forward together.





“I go to work every day with a true belief that we make a difference”

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