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Matt Rogers, Georgia, USA

"Without your bed, I'd be dead. The ability to go from moving nothing but my fingers, to a standing position to strengthen my legs, was amazing."

Matt Rogers, a former paramedic and nurse, is a testament to the power of movement combined with the human spirit. Matt spent 227 days in three different hospitals, battling Covid-19, undergoing a double lung transplant and double bypass surgeries, and enduring countless hours of physical therapy, before finally returning to his home in Georgia.

Several ground-breaking medical technologies were involved in Matt’s recovery, including the Total Lift Bed and the Sara Stedy  sit to stand device, which were pivotal in facilitating his early mobilisation and verticalisation.

Each device empowers movement for the patient in its own unique way. The Total Lift Bed enabled Matt to gradually transition from limited movement to standing positions, thereby strengthening his legs, and improving his overall physical condition. Sara Stedy can support early mobility initiatives by encouraging patients to be active during sitting to standing transfers.


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"As a healthcare professional myself I understood the odds I was up against. Yet, I never lost hope, not even when I had to learn how to walk again.”

Matt’s words underscore that the way back was equally about human elements: his own indomitable spirit, the unwavering support of his family and the dedication of a medical team equipped with the right tools.

“Early activity and mobility programmes have a strong connection with improved functional outcomes for patients, and they also have cost benefits for healthcare facilities1. Our Early Mobility Solutions are designed to help caregivers to mobilise patients early and frequently,” says Stephanie Miller, Marketing Manager, Therapeutic Surfaces and Medical Beds at Arjo US.

Watch a news report about Matt’s recovery (Youtube link)

Learn more  about Early Mobility and solutions to support an improved recovery process.


1. Needham DM, Korupolu R, Zanni JM, Pradhan P, Colantuoni E, Palmer JB, Brower RG, Fan E. Early physical medicine and rehabilitation for patients with acute respiratory failure: a quality improvement project. Arch Phys Med 2010 Apr;91(4):536-42

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