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Pressure Injury Prevention

Provizio SEM Scanner

Deliver objective and anatomically-specific assessment of pressure injury (PI) risk 5 days*¹ earlier than visual skin assessment, regardless of skin tone². This empowers you with a window of opportunity to deploy a tailored prevention strategy to minimise PI incidence.

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The Arjo Pressure Injury Prevention portfolio

Explore our comprehensive portfolio of market leading innovations designed to support pressure injury prevention and management in all care settings.

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Proven to support significant reductions in PI incidence across care settings



in hospice settings​³


(weighted average)​

in acute care settings​​⁴



in long-term care settings⁵

Recognised in the latest EPUAP-NPIAP-PPPIA international guidelines⁶

Recommendation 2.6


“Consider using a sub-epidermal moisture/edema measurement device as an adjunct to routine clinical skin assessment”

(Strength of Evidence = B2, Strength of recommendation ↔)


Recommendation 2.7


“When assessing darkly pigmented skin, consider assessment of sub-epidermal moisture as important adjunct strategy”

(Strength of Evidence = B2, Strength of recommendation ↑)


The Science of Sub-epidermal Moisture (SEM)

Elevated levels of SEM is a biomarker of early tissue damage that can lead to pressure injury development. SEM can be identified by assessing the biocapacitance of tissue. This non-invasive technology enables early and objective assessment of increased pressure injury (PI) risk, empowering you to take decisive action to minimise PI incidence and to help reduce overall cost and time to care.
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Find out more about the role of SEM in pressure injury development​

Download our clinical evidence summary.

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Provizio® SEM Scanner

Visit the product page for specifications, downloads and more.​

Early and Targeted Intervention is key

Our pressure injury prevention solutions support you in setting a new standard of clinical excellence by:

• Ensuring early, objective, and anatomically specific risk assessment
• Offering comprehensive solutions to enable tailored intervention
• Driving and sustaining improved clinical outcomes


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