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An attractive employer

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For Arjo, being an attractive employer is about offering healthy, equitable and supportive working conditions as well as providing a strong motivational purpose. We call it Empowering Movement – to drive better healthcare outcomes for people facing mobility challenges, making a real difference for patients’ and caregivers’ quality of life with a real impact on our communities  
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Our Guiding Principles

Our Guiding Principles represents what is important to Arjo and are vital in building the desired culture, attitudes and behaviors. The objective is to incorporate our Guiding Principles in such a manner that they are embedded in the organization and contribute to building a sustainable and winning culture. Together we will build our Arjo Culture based on our Guiding Principles.


Growing business and people together

In Arjo, we actively develop our people in several ways. Our Talent Programs allow employees to share knowledge and work together on strategic business projects, under the guidance of the Arjo Management Team. Through our Mentorship Program, we prepare our employees for career advancement within the organisation, while enhancing skills in key areas. With our assessment tools we support high performing teams and help employees stay in tune with what motivates them. Our global Academy offers specialized product, clinical and customer related training. We measure the success of these ongoing initiatives using our People Survey. 

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Engagement is everyone´s business

Tracking our engagement is as important as tracking our business performance. Year on year, loyalty, satisfaction and belief in what we do is reflected in our high engagement scores – where we stand out compared to industry benchmarks. Our People Survey tool provides our employees an opportunity to feedback on their employee experience and helps us follow up and make continuous improvements.


Diversity, Equity and Inclusion

We actively promote and work to embed a diverse, equitable and inclusive work environment for people of all backgrounds. This is integral to our business performance in terms of creativity and leadership, and reflected in our commitments in the Sustainability Framework, our Guiding Principles and Leadership Behaviours.

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Occupational Health and Safety

We aim to maintain our high level of health and safety at the workplace. We have a clearly defined framework and behaviours for managing physical and psychological safety in the work environment, as well as for employees’ wellbeing, with a Zero Accident Vision. Our responsibility is to enable our people in performing and delivering according to their best abilities, and we recognize workplace flexibility as one way to enable this. Workplaces have changed and will continue to evolve with digitalization enabling new ways of working. With our Guiding Principles and Leadership Behaviours as a solid foundation, we have concluded that a hybrid approach to remote working will benefit our people as well as our organization.


Our societal engagement

Arjo’s societal engagement is far-reaching and we support a number of organizations in the areas in which we work. We also encourages our employees to participate actively in social projects that improve the local community.

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Goals, activities, outcome and governance

In Arjo Sustainability Framework 2030, we have identified a number of key objectives in our work to be an attractive employer. Read more about specific goals, activities and current outcome as well as how we govern our efforts.

Supporting UN Sustainable Developments Goals

Through our work to be an attractive employer, we support several UN Sustainable Development Goals: Quality education, Gender equality and Decent work and economic growth.

“By working with R&D at Arjo, I can contribute to creating a better society”

For Panagiota Biba, it was the fact that the solutions really make a difference for people who need to be cared for, that drew her to Arjo. Today Panagiota works in Product Development, ensuring that the products meet all requirements, from both technical and user experience perspectives.


“A great sense of loyalty and pride makes everyone go above and beyond”

For Thabile Sindane, it was Arjo’s superior equipment and the positive impact they have on quality of care and life that made him want to join the company. As Service Technician in South Africa, he now ensures optimal solution value for both caregivers and patients.


“The positive and inclusive atmosphere brings out the best in all of us”

When Rana Moussa realised that a mattress system from Arjo greatly improved her bedridden sister’s quality of life, she had found her new employer. Now Rana contributes to ensuring that Group Accounting enables successful operations all over the world.