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ICU Early mobility

From immobility to mobility

Arjo Early Mobility Solutions enable you to mobilise patients in ICU early, often and at a safe and optimal level of functioning, helping you improve outcomes and maximise efficiencies.
ICU Early Mobility Brochure

ICU Early Mobility in practice

Watch the full video of our Early Mobilisation solutions: From in bed mobilisation, transfer, sitting, passive standing, standing and raising and walking.
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Support an improved recovery process

We understand rehabilitation needs to be tailored to each patient, and achieving activity, weight bearing and mobility early in the patient’s ICU care pathway can prove challenging. Whether your patient is temporarily confined to bed, needs to be acclimatized to standing or is ready for sitting or walking practice, our range of product solutions are designed to help achieve activity and mobility goals safely.
Patient Journey
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In-bed Mobilisation

Advanced support surfaces and versatile bed frame articulation can help support in-bed mobilisation.


When lateral and seated transfers out of bed are required, a range of patient handling equipment options are available to help the caregiver.
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The Sara Combilizer enables patients to be placed into a variety of seated positions out of bed.

Passive standing

Progression to standing can be achieved gradually and securely.
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Standing and raising

Sit to stand devices will help activate your patient to move from sitting on the edge of the bed to standing upright while providing upper body support.


When stepping or walking practice is required, the versatile Sara Plus can help your patient take their first steps toward leaving the ICU.
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