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Come see us at LeadingAge 2023

Visit booth #1927


Come see Arjo at the 2023 LeadingAge Conference from Nov. 6-7, booth #1927, at McCormick Place in Chicago to find out how empowering movement is at the heart of everything we do. It’s at the center of our product design philosophy. It’s how we help care providers stay agile and efficient. It’s about enabling caregivers to move freely and productively. And for residents, it’s about enhancing mobility to promote healing, dignity and independence.

Here's who you can meet:

Martina Tierney – an Occupational Therapist and author of The Clinician’s Seating Handbook, designed the first Seating Matters chairs to meet the needs of her individual patients with complex needs and pressure injuries.

Here's what you can experience:

Provizio® SEM Scanner – Supports clinicians to identify increased risk of pressure injury on specific anatomical areas 5 days*1 earlier than visual skin assessment, regardless of skin tone.2

Atlanta™ Therapeutic Chair – For residents at risk of falls and those with vigorous, involuntary movements, and has been clinically designed to provide a robust, durable, and safe environment.

Carendo® Hygiene Chair – Facilitates an efficient hygiene and showering routine within a single transfer, while allowing a comfortable working posture for the caregiver throughout the process.

Evenda LTC Bed – Consisting of three models: Sereno, Moveno and Comfio, which provide customizable solutions depending on individual resident challenges and facility preferences.

AtmosAir Velaris® Therapeutic Surface – Accommodates a 'One Surface Strategy' as it can replace all but the most advanced automatic surfaces with one easy to use, flexible mattress system.

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