A responsible company

A responsible company

Sound business ethics and well-defined principles for compliance are the core of Arjo’s long-term business relations. Our ambition is to influence other stakeholders in contributing to the development of a fair global market. Arjo does business across the globe and has a broad network of suppliers and business partners. We place the same high demands on them as on our own business, and have zero tolerance for all forms of corruption, fraud and bribery.


Our Code of Conduct

Activities and outcomes


Arjo’s Board of Directors approves the Code of Conduct and monitors compliance regularly. The Arjo Management Team is responsible for the implementation and adoption of the Code of Conduct, including the establishment and review of targets for improvement. The CEO is Chairman of Arjo’s Business Compliance Committee1, tasked with safeguarding that the company does business at the highest ethical level, and adheres to the laws, regulatory frameworks and standards that apply in the countries in which we operate. The Committee held four minuted meetings in 2020. A global function manages supplier audits, using an approval process for all new suppliers while continuously auditing all suppliers. Furthermore, all suppliers and business partners that are to work with Arjo are required to sign and follow a customized Code of Conduct.

Our Business Partner Code of Conduct

Whistleblowing service

Arjo’s anti-corruption policy has zero tolerance for all types of fraud and bribery. Employees can, via an anonymous whistleblower service, report suspected incidents of any violations of laws and regulations. Also customers, partners and other stakeholders can submit an
anonymous report through our whistleblower service, handled by our external partner WhistleB Whistleblowing Centre.



Quality and safety

To meet the increasingly strict regulatory requirements in the medical device industry, our focus lies on continuously evaluating and improving our products and processes. We follow local and regional regulations in the markets that we serve, the three most important of which are:

• EU Medical Device Regulation (MDR)
• US Food and Drug Administration (FDA)
• Health Canada Medical Device Regulation

Our quality management systems are certified in accordance with the ISO 9001:2015 and ISO 13485:2016 standards.

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