Lateral transfer and repositioning

Arjo offers a complete range of low friction sliding aids, which are all that is required in order to safely perform a wide variety of maneuvers, such as lateral transfers and repositioning patients/residents in bed.

Lateral transfers, sitting a resident/patient up, moving them up the bed and turning them from one side to the other are the type of tasks that can be carried out easily and with the minimum amount of stress using Arjo sliding aids.

A wide range of flat sheets with handles and tubular slides have been designed to meet the needs and challenges of both acute and long term care environments. The disposable, single-use MaxiOnce™ is ideal for hospital or healthcare facility areas with a high patient turnover and a high demand on infection control. Patient specific, disposable MaxiSlide Flites™ remain with the patient throughout their stay in the hospital or care facility, and the washable, reusable MaxiSlides™ are suitable for both acute care and long term care.