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Empowering movement is at the heart of everything we do. It’s at the centre of our product design philosophy. It’s how we help care providers stay agile and efficient. It’s about enabling caregivers to move freely and productively. And for patients, it’s about enhancing mobility to promote healing, dignity and independence.

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Prevent the impact of immobility
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Promote greater mobility with dignity
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Protect the wellbeing of caregivers
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Optimise costs and efficiencies in care

How we can help you empower movement in healthcare

We work across four areas to help you improve the quality of life of your patients, provide a better work environment for healthcare workers, and healthier returns for your facility.

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Prevent the impact of immobility

The impact of immobility acquired conditions such as pressure injuries and VTE is devastating. These potentially fatal yet preventable conditions cause enormous suffering for patients and result in considerable costs for healthcare providers.

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Promote greater mobility with dignity

With immediate or prolonged immobility, the risk of care complications increases considerably. This leads to decreasing quality of life and dignity for patients, increasing need for care interventions and rising costs for healthcare facilities.

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Protect the wellbeing of caregivers

The healthcare industry has one of the highest rates of nonfatal occupational injuries. Every day, caregivers are at signicant risk of work-related injuries, causing unnecessary pain and suffering while draining valuable resources.

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Optimise costs and efficiencies in care

The global demand for healthcare is growing and evolving. In the future, millions of new jobs in health and social care need to be created, while care facilities are under mounting pressure to reduce their operational costs and inefficiencies.

What does Empowering Movement mean to me?

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