Hygiene lifters

Hygiene lifters

Hygiene lifts are an integral part of the bathing system, providing safe and comfortable support for patients/residents during bathing, lifting, transfers and transportation.

With a lift bath trolley, patients/residents with reduced mobility are transported from the bed to the bath, and back again, without any additional transfers.

Arjo offers four different hygiene lifts to suit a range of needs and requirements.

Bath lift trolleys are compatible with the longer style of baths.

Key features and benefits

A complete bathing system consists of a height-adjustable bath and an integrated height-adjustable mobile hygiene lift. The height-adjustable elements of the system ensure optimum ergonomics, as the caregiver can always adjust the equipment to a comfortable working height.

It is vital for a patients’/residents’ safety and mobility that hygiene lifts provide the right balance of support and mobilization.

The power-driven functions of Arjo lifts reduce strain on caregivers and are very easy to use, enabling a single caregiver to safely manage the entire bathing cycle.

Once on the seat or stretcher of the hygiene lifter, the patient/resident will remain in the same position – comfortable and safe throughout the bathing cycle – from the bed to bath, and back again.