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Dementia Transfer (4)

Meeting needs in dementia care

Arjo offers clinical solutions that assist the caregiver, as well as the individual diagnosed with Alzheimer’s, ranging from pressure injury prevention, bathing and seating needs, in addition to safety with mobility and transfers. To learn more about Arjo’s person-centered approach to moving & handling, mobility and hygiene care for those living with dementia, read our blog article.

VTE clinical evidence

Key clinical evidence supporting the use of IPC

This clinical resource provides examples of some of the key evidence supporting the use of IPC and specifically the Flowtron Active Compression System as part of a VTE prevention protocol.

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How a lack of assistive equipment can be a barrier in the ICU

Despite compelling evidence of the benefits of early mobility in the ICU, adoption remains slow. Many ICUs who promote an early mobility culture focus their efforts on in bed mobility activities and extend their practice less frequently to out of bed exercise and rehabilitation.

Provizio SEM Scanner (37)

Get ahead of pressure injuries

Objective and anatomically-specific risk assessment, regardless of skin tone. See how the Provizio® SEM Scanner supports you to significantly reduce pressure injury incidence. 

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Introducing My Arjo: Your portal to Arjo tools and services

MyArjo is a personalised web portal providing access to Arjo tools and services with one secure login.

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Positive 8

The Positive Eight Philosophy

Our care philosophy explains how facilitating mobility can catalyse a chain of benefits impacting quality of life, caregiver satisfaction, operational efficiency, and financial outcomes. 

Mobility gallery Long Term Care Group

Mobility gallery

Based on 5 levels of mobility from A to E, the Arjo Mobility Gallery provides a basis for understanding how an individual can contribute to their mobility, as well as how to safeguard caregivers from injuries.​

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Rooted in clinical evidence and driven by your facility data, Arjo MOVE programs arm you with the tools and knowledge to reach your clinical and operational goals. ​

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