Alpha Active 4

Mattress replacement

Designed for the prevention and management of pressure injuries¹, the Alpha Active® 4 pressure redistributing mattress replacement system is suitable for a range of care environments, including home and community care settings.

The Alpha Active 4 system has been designed as a cost effective solution to aid in the prevention and management of pressure injuries.

The system offers advanced features for the delivery of high quality care to vulnerable patients and residents, while remaining easy-to-use for the carer and simple to clean and maintain.

1. National Pressure Ulcer Advisory Panel, European Pressure Ulcer Advisory Panel and Pan Pacific Pressure Injury Alliance. Prevention and Treatment of Pressure Ulcers: Clinical Practice Guideline. Emily Haesler (Ed.). Cambridge Media: Osbourne Park, Western Australia; 2014.
• Designed to provide a stable support surface to aid with patient transfer and nursing procedures

Top cover
• Vapor permeable and water resistant, incorporating 2-way stretch and bacteriostatic properties

Integrated audio & visual alarms
• Includes low pressure alarm, power fail alarm and pump fault alarm

• Cell on Cell designed to provide additional support and to help increase patient stability

• Electronic pressure setting – allows accurate and appropriate pressure settings to be set for various weight ranges
• Variable cycle times – In addition to a 10 minute cycle time, the Alpha Active 4 system offers the choice of an extended cycle period of 20 minutes, which may be desirable as patients begin to rehabilitate and the risk reduces.
• AutoFirm – provides a stable support surface for patient transfer and nursing procedures.
• 2 Modes of operation
Active / Alternating mode: periodically redistributes pressure away from vulnerable areas by alternately inflating and deflating cells beneath the patient.
Reactive / Static mode: cell pressure is equalized to redistribute the body weight over a greater surface area – ideal for patients unable to tolerate a moving surface
• Audio & Visual alarms – include: Low pressure alarm, Power fail alarm & Pump fault alarm
• Modular construction – contributes to ease of cleaning and maintenance
• Transport Facility – Cell pressures are automatically equalized, leaving an even surface
• Cell-on-Cell – designed to provide additional support and to help increase patient stability
• Static Head Cells – 3 static head cells
• Reliant IS2 cover – vapor permeable and water resistant, incorporating 2-way stretch and bacteriostatic properties
• Ventilated Air Cells – designed to aid airflow within the mattress
• CPR Deflate – rapid deflation for CPR

Technical information


ModelAlpha Active 4
Part numbers648311 UK 648319AU AUSTRALIA
Power supply voltage230 V
Power supply frequency50-60 Hz
Power input230 VA
Size(L)280 mm x (W)205 mm x (H)112 mm
Weight5.5 lbs
Case materialABS plastic
Plug fuse rating5 A to BS1362 (UK only)
Pump fuse rating2 x T1AL 250 V
Degree of protection against electric shockclass II type BF
Degree of protection against liquid ingressIPX0
Mode of operationcontinuous
Cycle times10 mins 20 mins
Inflate - 4.5 mins Inflate - 9.5 mins
Crossover - 30 secs Crossover - 30 secs
Deflate - 4.5 mins Deflate - 9.5 mins
Crossover - 30 secs Crossover - 30 secs


DescriptionCell materialBase pad material
ALPHA ACTIVE 4 MR 90polyurethanePVC nylon coated
ALPHA ACTIVE 4 MR 85polyurethanePVC nylon coated
ALPHA ACTIVE 4 MR 85 (non-PVC)polyurethanenylon PU coated


Part No.DescriptionSpare CoverLengthWidthHeight
648322ALPHA ACTIVE 4 MR 9064843777"
648324ALPHA ACTIVE 4 MR 8564846177"
648326ALPHA ACTIVE> 4 MR 85 (non-PVC)64846177"


FeatureStandard Cover (Dartex™)
Removable coverYes
Moisture vapour permeableYes
Air permeableNo
Low frictionYes
Water resistant / repellentYes
Infection controlMaterial coating is cacteriostatic, fungistatic, antimicrobial
Fire retardant BS 71750.1 and 5
Two way stretchYes
Washing conditionsMAX 203°F (95°C) for 15 mins1
Drying conditionstumble dry up to 266°F (130°C) or air dry
Life span50 wash cycles (minimum)
Application area acute and homecare
1. Check local policies to determine the time/temperature ratio required to achieve thermal disinfection.

Alpha Active 4 Instructions For Use

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Alpha Active 4 Quick Reference Guide

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