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What’s Under the Sheets Does Matter


The National Pressure Injury Advisory Panel (NPIAP) recently held its annual conference in San Diego in March 2023. One of the posters submitted by our Arjo colleagues, “What's Under the Sheets Matters- a Compatibility Study,” was awarded the prestigious NPIAP 2023 Charlie Lachenbruch Award. This is the only award presented at the annual conference to industry partners for their contribution to the science of pressure injury (PI) prevention and treatment.

The findings of this compatibility study demonstrated that the application of the Arjo Skin IQ™ microclimate coverlet on multiple Arjo and competitor support surfaces does not interfere with the pressure redistribution properties of those surfaces. In all instances, the Skin IQ enhanced the heat and moisture management at the skin/surface interface.

Microclimate is defined as the temperature and humidity at the body surface interface.1 Several NPIAP guidelines address the need to be conscious of addressing microclimate in the quest to decrease pressure injury development:2

  • Guideline 1.11 - consider the potential impact of moist skin on the risk of pressure injuries which can develop from incontinence, wound draining or excessive perspiration
  • Guideline 1.12 - consider the impact of increased body temperature on the risk of pressure injuries

Our unique and effective solution for microclimate management is the Skin IQ, a mattress coverlet that is placed onto a support surface which utilizes negative airflow technology. If the support surface offers pressure redistribution, then Skin IQ can effectively manage the temperature or humidity (moisture) at the body/surface interface. Skin IQ options include a disposable, single patient use item, a bariatric version and also a reusable/washable version for rental or purchase.

Typically, Skin IQ is utilized with Arjo support surfaces such as the AtmosAir 9000X, Velaris or Auralis. During the COVID-19 pandemic and afterwards, many clinicians reached out to inquire if Skin IQ could be placed on their non-Arjo “owned” pressure redistribution surfaces for microclimate management due to supply issue challenges in obtaining low air loss rental surfaces. However, these clinicians wanted to be sure that the Skin IQ would not decrease the efficacy of their owned surface’s pressure redistribution properties. This lead Arjo to test and validate the use of Skin IQ on multiple competitors’ products with the results incorporated into our award-winning poster.

Arjo congratulates the collaborative team and co-authors Dave Newton, Sara Tackson, Amanda Roguljic, Carroll Gillespie and Robert Andersen for their contribution in the quest of decreasing the debilitating condition of pressure injury incidence!

Review our award-winning poster and learn more about Arjo's pressure injury prevention solutions designed to help prevent and manage the complications associated with immobility and to drive healthier outcomes for your patients.


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