Skin IQ 365

Skin IQ™ Microclimate Manager

An effective and intuitive solution for the prevention and management of pressure injuries.

Microclimate Management (MCM) the critical link to skin integrity
• Microclimate refers to the conditions of moisture and temperature at the point(s) of skin/surface interface¹
• Microclimate is a key factor for patients at risk of maceration and skin breakdown
• Excess variation in moisture and/or temperature increases skin sensitivity to the damaging effects of pressure, shear, and friction²

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• A waterproof, vapor-permeable top layer that offers a bacterial and viral barrier¹

• Negative Airflow Technology (NAT) continually draws excess moisture away from the skin / mattress interface. Bench studies show that Skin IQ Microclimate Management (MCM) removes 3.8 times more moisture at the skin/mattress interface than the same mattress without Skin IQ MCM²

• Bench studies show that Skin IQ MCM reduces staphylococcus aureus growth by 3.1 logs over a 24 hour period. A percentage reduction of greater than 99.9%.³ *

• Bench studies show that Skin IQ MCM significantly reduces odor at the skin/mattress interface when compared to the same surface without airflow⁴

• Designed for compatibility with pressure redistribution mattresses on the market today (eg, AtmosAir™ 9000 Mattress Replacement System)

Simple features, sophisticated performance

Effective for your patients
• The Skin IQ 365 reusable MCM provides an MVTR of 171/g/m2/hr‎⁵
• Top layer material helps reduce shear and friction‎⁷
• Quick, intuitive setup and maintenance
• Low profile design

*The level of treament stated indicates theoretical levels only

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Skin IQ 365 Instructions for Use

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