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AtmosAir 9000 Active

Pressure injury prevention

AtmosAir™ 9000 Active is a mattress replacement system (MRS) combining the benefits of a high specification hybrid mattress, with patented Self Adjusting Technology™ (SAT) and the option of a powered pump unit for active pressure redistribution.

Providing choice - reactive or active therapy
Building on the AtmosAir range of support surfaces, the AtmosAir Active provides reactive pressure redistribution. Adding the pump to the AtmosAir 9000A provides an alternating action to the cells providing a 12 minute 1 in 2 cell cycle.

AtmosAir 9000 Active provides the option for caregivers to step up or step down care when clinically required.

Self Adjusting Technology making the difference
Using non-powered Self Adjusting Technology, the AtmosAir 9000 Active delivers reactive pressure redistribution at a constant low pressure even when transporting a patient or during electrical power outages.

SAT is a unique system of individual air chambers with self-regulating valves that continuously and automatically regulate internal air pressures for consistent pressure redistribution. Open to the atmosphere, SAT provides weight distribution without the need for air reservoirs, or manual adjustments.
Delivering a complete solution
• Durable, water resistant¹, moisture vapour permeable² cover which provides multi-directional stretch capabilities to help reduce skin shear and friction³.
• Nine horizontal cells provide the patient with support in the torso and sacral area.
• A convoluted soft foam layer helps to promote patient comfort.
• A slopped heel section helps to redistribute pressure away from the vulnerable heel area.
• The optional pump unit allows care givers to step up or step down care when clinically required. Adding the pump to the AtmosAir 9000A provides an alternating action to the cells.

Customisable care
• The AtmosAir 9000 Active Mattress Replacement System (MRS) can be used with or without the pump. Custom sizes are available to ensure the correct fit for a variety of medical bed frames.

High weight limit across the range
• The weight limit on AtmosAir 9000 Active and the AtmosAir 300 cushion is 227 kg (500 lbs) and is consistent across the AtmosAir range, facilitating consistency of care and supporting the needs of the heavier patient.

• The cover is multi-stretch latex free, anti-microbial and fungi-static⁴, with welded seams and a high moisture vapour transmission rate. It has a 360 degree zip and light colored underside to facilitate audit.

Cost effective and efficient
• The cost efficiencies and clinical benefits of hybrid mattresses are increasingly recognized, and have been associated with reduced set up time and staff empowerment⁵. The modular construction and component parts are all replaceable, maximizing product life, and reducing costs.

Infection control
• Infection control is aided by anti-microbial properties in the cover⁴. Welded seams help to reduce the risk of fluid ingress.⁶

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Mattress A (L x W x H) mm 1905 x 81 x 17.7 mm
Mattress A (L x W x H) in 75 x 32 x 7 in
Mattress A Weight kg 18 kg
Mattress A Weight lb 39,6 lb
Mattress B (L x W x H) in 84 x 42 x 7 in
Weight kg 2,2 kg
Weight lb 4,8 lb
Operating Cycle Time 12 minutes
Power in 230V/50Hz

AtmosAir 9000 Active Brochure

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PIP International Guidelines 2020

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