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Arjo Locate™

Don´t search, just find.

Find the equipment you need with just a touch.

In a busy care environment, healthcare professionals spend valuable time searching for much-needed equipment. Besides being a frustrating and time-consuming ordeal, this diverts critical resources which could otherwise be used to care for patients.

With Arjo Locate, finding the equipment you need is just a touch away.

Arjo Locate is a cloud-based tracking solution that shows the location of your equipment in real-time. Arjo Locate features a modern visual interface that is easy to use, accessible from any computer or smart device, and scalable to the needs of care facilities of any size and setting.

Arjo Locate is easy to install, requires no invasive hardwiring, and can be fully operational in just weeks depending on facility size.

Arjo Locate allows you to instantly find the equipment you need with just a touch.

Simple to learn, easy to use
Cloud-based digital solution featuring a modern visual interface that is easy to learn and navigate.

No hardwiring required
Avoiding the need for disruptive installation work, Arjo Locate tracks your equipment with Bluetooth tags that are compact, instantly deployed, and do not require power charging. Compared to a hardwiring solution which could take months to install, Arjo Locate can be fully operational in just weeks depending on facility size.

Save valuable caregiver time
Arjo Locate enables you to improve utilisation of your care equipment and facilitate more efficient workflows, helping your staff free up more time to do what matters

How it works
Step 1. Bluetooth tags are attached to any equipment you wish to track with Arjo Locate
Step 2. The tags emit signals every 2-5 seconds to a cloud system
Step 3. Track the equipment in real time on the Arjo Locate web portal or mobile App, using any computer or smart device connected to the internet

Arjo Locate is a cloud-based tracking solution service that combines Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) tags to calculate the exact location of a device, shown on a digital map on a touch screen interface

Tag technology BLE (Bluetooth Low Energy) 2.4 GHz radio
Tag battery capacity 2,5–7 years
Tag density 500 pcs/1000 m2
Observer technology Low power 2.4 GHz radio, Wi-Fi (230 VAC)
Position accuracy from 2–3 m
Latency from 10 sec
User device support Windows, iOS, macOS, Android

Arjo Locate Brochure

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* Please check with your local sales representative if the product is available for sale in your country.