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Early mobilization of ICU patients has been associated with improved muscle strength and functional independence, as well as a shorter duration of delirium, mechanical ventilation, and ICU length of stay.1-5

Despite compelling evidence of the benefits of early mobility in the ICU, adoption remains slow. Many ICU’s who promote an early mobility culture focus their efforts on in bed mobility activities and extend their practice less frequently to out of bed exercise and rehabilitation.

To assist you in providing the best care possible, here are some resources that you might find useful:

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Book a demonstration

Discover the breadth of our ICU early mobility solutions and see them in action, via a personalized demonstration from an Arjo representative.

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Download the clinical evidence summary

Read about the many benefits & barriers to early mobilization in the ICU.

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5 Early Mobility Solutions

5 Early Mobility Solutions to Optimize Veteran Recovery from In-Bed to Out-of-Bed Mobilization

Watch the Early Mobility in-practice video

See how to eleviate the adverse effects of prolonged immobility.