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ICU Early Mobility Solutions

The term ‘early rehabilitation’ within the ICU refers to interventions that commence immediately after stabilization of physiologic derangements.1 These interventions may start within 1 or 2 days of initiation of mechanical ventilation, although often those patients most at risk of prolonged sequelae are often still too acutely unwell for out of bed mobilization.

In this instance, the focus is placed on preventative measures such as regular positional change and passive /active exercise until out of bed mobilization can be initiated safely. The time taken to mobilize appears to have a significant bearing on a patient’s short and long-term recovery (see evidence table). The ability to minimize the duration and subsequently the impact of critical illness associated bedrest is therefore of paramount importance.

Download your free copy of Arjo’s “ICU Early Mobility Solutions” Clinical Evidence Summary

This whitepaper covers:

  • The impact of prolonged immobility & key body systems affected by immobility
  • The benefits & barriers to early mobilization
  • In-bed & out-of-bed mobilization methods supporting rehabilitation and recovery


  1. Parker A, Sricharoenchai T, Needham DM. Early rehabilitation in the intensive care unit: preventing physical and mental health impairments. Curr Phys Med Rehabil Rep. 2013;1(4):307–314.