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AtmosAir Plus

Bariatric pressure redistribution surface with Self Adjusting Technology™

AmosAir Plus designed specifically for the Citadel Plus provides a pressure redistribution surface for patients of size. Self Adjusting Technology (SAT) automatically adjusts cell pressures in response to patient movement.

The pressure redistribution surface uses Self Adjusting Technology (SAT) to automatically adjust cell pressures in response to patient movement. AtmosAir Plus is non-powered and delivers uninterrupted therapy – even when transporting a patient or during electrical power outages.
Variable width & length with side and foot bolsters
AtmosAir Plus incorporates side and foot bolsters providing flexibility to accomodate different size patients.

• Smooth soft foam top over air cylinders helps to promote patient comfort.
• Durable, waterproof¹, moisture² vapour permeable cover made with Reliant IS2 fabric which provides multidirectional stretch capabilities to help reduce skin shear and friction.³
• Can be adjusted from 86 cm (34”) to 122 cm (48”) wide and from 202 cm (80”) to 224 cm (88”) in length to provide the appropriate sized surface.
• Five horizontal cells and four vertical air cylinders are orientated to provide extra support in the mid to lower back and buttocks area.
• Sloped heel section with visco elastic foam helps to redistribute pressure away from the vulnerable heel area.

1. Arjo Data on File (2017) Results of Hydrostatic Pressure Test for Reliant IS2 Fabric. Test Report Number 100062705; Feb 2017.
2. Arjo Data on File (2017) Verification of the properties of Reliant IS2 Material. Test Report 100062715; Page 5, Feb 2017.
3. Arjo Data on File coefficient of friction testing-Fabric Replacement Coefficient of Friction Test results (Material: PER464)
Mattress A (L x W x H) mm 2020 x 860 x 230 mm
Mattress A (L x W x H) in 79.5 x 34 x 9 in
Mattress A Weight kg 24,7 kg
Mattress A Weight lb 54,5 lb
Mattress bolsters (L x W x H) mm 2020 x 180 x 230 mm
Mattress bolsters (L x W x H) in 80 x 7 x 9 in
Mattress with bolsters (weight) kg 39,3 kg
Mattress with bolsters (weight) lb 86,5 lb
Mattress with bolsters (W) mm 1040 mm
Mattress with bolsters (W) in 41 in
Mattress with bolsters b (W) mm 1220 mm
Mattress with bolsters b (W) in 48 in
Foot bolster (L x W x H) mm 220 x 1220 x 23 mm
Foot bolster (L x W x H) in 8.5 x 48 x 9
Foot bolster weight kg 2,7 kg
Foot bolster weight lb 6 lb
Maximum patient weight kg 454 kg
Maximum patient weight lb 1000 lb

AtmosAir Fit / AtmosAir Plus Instructions for use Mattress Replacement System

AtmosAir Fit Mattress Replacement System AtmosAir Plus Mattress Replacement System IFU

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Citadel Plus Bariatric Bed Frame System Instructions for use

Category: Instructions for use

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AtmosAir Fit / AtmosAir Plus Quick reference quide - Use (A4, Portrait, Colour)

Category: Quick reference guide

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