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Infection Control

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While our customers have long been focused on infection control and prevention, the recent COVID-19 outbreak has created a heightened awareness of the need to protect our healthcare workers and our communities.  Arjo’s infection control solutions include:

Single patient use disposables

  • Disposable Slings – Arjo offers disposable repositioning slings, as well as general use sling called Flites®.  These are available in both loop and clip varieties.
  • Microclimate Management – Skin IQ is a disposable microclimate management coverlet designed to manage skin temperature and control excessive moisture.
  • DVT Garments – Arjo offers garments for both uniform and sequential compression.

Medical beds

  • Arjo Rental – Every rental product returning to a rental center is cleaned and disinfected using a two-step process and 100% of products must pass a quality check for functionality and safety.
  • Universal Medical Bed Platform – Our frames are designed with an open frame for easy cleaning, providing a sustainable solution for disinfection and decontamination as part of infection control requirements.

Ceiling lifts

  • Infection Control Straps - Our flagship ceiling lift, the Maxi Sky® 2, is now available with infection control features like nonporous materials to potentially decrease the likelihood of health care acquired infections.

Bathing & Showering

  • All Arjo baths are designed with integrated and optional automatic disinfection dilution and/or injection systems for safe and effective disinfection.
  • Showering/Disinfection panels will provide not only showering for the patient, but disinfection dilution and delivery for shower chairs and trollies.

Flusher Disinfectors

  • Arjo’s Flusher Disinfectors are compliant with ISO15883, Part 3:  “Requirements and tests for washer-disinfectors employing thermal disinfection for human waste containers”. 
  • Choose from 3 models of flusher disinfectors to ensure effective disinfection of bedpans, commodes and urinals.

Learn more about Arjo's infection control options.