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Bariatric room solutions

Our bariatric room solutions ensure your healthcare facilities are equipped for the increasing challenges of plus-size patients and ready to deliver safe, cost efficient and dignified care.

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Caring for plus size patients is a substantial and increasingly necessary challenge for today’s healthcare providers. This is especially so in the hospital environment, where the increasing population of larger patients places considerable pressure on available resources.

World prevalence of obesity

Interview with Tracey Carr, 25th February 2021
Plus size patients may worry about whether their shape or size may inconvenience staff and other patients, or lead to care delays or equipment failure.

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Improve caregiver efficiency and safety

Caring for plus-size patients often requires the help of additional staff to ensure care tasks are completed but without appropriate equipment, and this can place caregivers and patients at increased risk of injury.

Financial solutions

The right solution at the right time, with or without capital investment. To help facilities have rapid access to bariatric solutions, we offer a rental program that can be tailored to meet your needs. Our bariatric room solutions range from a single product to a full package, offered as an ad-hoc rental or a customized rental contract. Get in touch with your local representative to discuss the financial solutions that matches your facility needs.
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Bariatric pressure injury prevention

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Bariatric VTE prevention

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