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Frequently Asked Questions

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What has Arjo done to prepare your field employees?

  • Our employees have been briefed on and will be compliant with all relevant recommendations from the World Health Organization (WHO) and The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), along with local authorities in the United States.
  • Our field personnel have been trained on operating in a healthcare environment and our process includes proper use of PPE equipment and procedures to limit exposure.
  • We have instructed our team to be mindful of your environment, and provided them with the following instructions:
    • No assists with patient transfers of any kind under any circumstances.
    • No entering patient rooms under any circumstances.
    • Make all deliveries to the department / ward.  NO room deliveries allowed.
    • If they exhibit a fever or are feeling sick or believe they have come in contact with someone with COVID-19, they should self-isolate, immediately call the doctor, limit contact with indviduals and notify their leader and our Human Resources department.
    • If they have travelled outside of the US in the last 14 days, employees must notify their leader and our Human Resources department.  We are automatically quarantining employees at home for 2 weeks prior to returning to work.

Are you expecting any supply chain disruptions?

Our production units are running according to plan, and we are doing everything we can to minimize any impact on orders. We are also working closely with our suppliers to increase our stock to minimize possible disruptions. We will continue to monitor the situation on a daily basis and keep you informed in case of any deviations.

What are your cleaning and disinfecting procedures?

We have thorough established cleaning and disinfecting processes for our rental products and/or equipment depending on the product and/or the degree of contamination.   Every rental product returning to a rental center is cleaned and disinfected using a Two-Step process and must pass 100% of a Quality Check to ensure functional and safety tests.  In addition, all Arjo employees are equipped with Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) to ensure their safety.

Is Arjo open for business as usual?

We are open for business and here to support our customers. Please follow normal procedures to reach your service or sales representative.


What is Arjo’s cleaning and disinfection procedure during this time?

At Arjo, we strive to continuously support caregivers to increase the standard of care to ensure the highest level of comfort, dignity and mobility for all patients and residents. Patient and caregiver safety is a core value for Arjo, wherein Arjo takes the quality of products very seriously and utilizes this information to ensure proper performance of our devices.

  • All Arjo rental products and/or equipment are cleaned and disinfected using two (2) different processes depending on the product and/or the degree of contamination.
  • In addition, all Arjo employees are equipped with Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) to ensure their safety.

From a Service standpoint, what can Arjo do to help my facility during this time?

We can offer the following services to help our customers: 

  • Service On Site – Our technicians are still in the field and available to be on site to complete repairs. We want to ensure that facilities have the required equipment functioning to be able to continue to provide for their residents and patients. Our technicians are trained and educated to be able to work within infection control policies and procedures of your facility.
  • Remote Service Consultations – We can provide repair consultations via phone or video (if available) as required for any facilities that are not approving repair technicians to be on site.
  • Direct Part shipping – after consultation, we can assist in having the parts required shipped directly to a facility.

However, we cannot assist with patient transfers of any kind under any circumstances or enter patient rooms under any circumstances.