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Arjo Express FAQs

How do I obtain my username and password?

If your email address is associated with your username (you will be receiving confirmation emails each time you place an order if it is) then you can use the ‘forgot password?’ button on the login page.  Instructions to reset your password will be sent to your registered email address.

If you don’t have this please send an email to or call 1800 007 368 stating your facility name, ward, and username details and we will help you to set up or reset your password.


I can’t submit my order – what’s wrong?

It’s likely that there is a mandatory field in the order where the data entry is incomplete.


What is the ‘Reference Number’ field to be used for?

This is for the patient MRN or UR reference number.


What reports can I run?

There are three main reports available:-

  • Daily rental overview – this is a ‘snapshot’ report showing current active agreements
  • Period rental overview – this report enables you to enter a date range and it will return the detail of all agreements that have at least some part of the rental within the date range
  • Stock overview – If you have stock ‘on consignment’ from us, this report shows you the free stock available in your consignment pool.


What products are available for me to order?

When you log in to AEX you will see a picture list of the products that you are able to order. This is the list of agreed products defined by your facility.


How can I check the status of my order?

Select ‘Orders’, then ‘Work with Orders’, then click on ‘Search’ to see the status of all active agreements. You can also use the ‘Filter’ function to narrow down your search.


Can I backdate a ward transfer?

Currently you can only process a ward transfer as at today’s date. 
A new release of software will allow you to backdate a ward transfer to any date that the agreement was active within the current month.


I am having issues accessing AEX, what should I do?

There may be a number of causes:-

  • The Arjo Express URL is
  • Check that your browser meets these requirements:
    • Google Chrome - version 40 or later
    • Internet Explorer - version 10 or later
    • Mozilla Firefox - version 37 or later
    • Safari - version 9 or later
    • Check that you have javascript enabled
    • Please note that your password is case sensitive


If you are still having issues please select ‘contact us’ at the main login page and let us know what issue you are experiencing and we can assist you to resolve the problem.

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