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Arjo Express

Therapeutic surfaces online ordering programme

Taking care of your patients with a pressure injury and critical needs is easier than ever before by setting up online management of therapeutic surfaces for your facility.

Arjo Express offers many benefits, including:  

  • Configuration of Arjo Express to the needs of a specific department or ward
  • Secure and confidential site access
  • The ability to track Arjo therapeutic surface systems throughout one or multiple facilities
  • Valuable rental information: rental start date, rental end date, patient identifier, unit serial number, and ward location
  • Rental reports available including daily, monthly, quarterly, and annually
  • Real time information available as users input information
  • Custom set up for multiple users, such as business chain access
  • Ward to ward transfers

To learn how you can become an Arjo Express customer or for more information, please contact us directly on:
1800 00 7368 (RENT), or via email at

Lucien de Kreek

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