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Arjo Care

We care for your equipment, so you can focus on what matters

Ensuring your equipment performs as it should is as much our priority as it is yours. Our proactive service approach aims to prevent issues before they occur, reducing the risk of costly equipment faults that may disrupt workflow efficiency and put the safety of your staff and patients at risk. Let us care for your equipment so you can focus on what you do best – providing high quality care.
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We are Arjo

Driven by our dedication to human health and well-being, our work contributes to a sustainable healthcare system with people in mind. Arjo Care is represented by 800 dedicated service technicians across 25 countries.

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To learn how you can become an Arjo Care customer or for more information, please contact us directly on: 1800 00 2756 (ARJO), or via email at
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Arjo Preventative and Reactive Maintenance

The services and support offered by Arjo will enhance your investment in Arjo products as well as a range of other third party equipment.

Sling Inspection and Conformity Service

The sling conformity service provided by Arjo ensures that your slings are inspected, tested, and documented to correct local standards.

Compliance and Risk Management

There are standards that cover the maintenance and repair of medical equipment in Australia and New Zealand. Arjo is able to assist you in meeting your compliance obligations.
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