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Arjo Advanced Clinical Education (ACE)

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Arjo offer clinical education courses which range from a 1 hour introductory session to 8 hour advanced sessions. 

Venous Thromboembolism and Pressure Injury Prevention online sessions are currently on offer and complimentary for Arjo customers. All sessions will be recorded. Courses can also be customised for online or face to face delivery.

Arjo Clinical education

Clinical education to ensure best practice

The Arjo clinical education specialists bring wide-ranging experience in nursing and healthcare to support your workplace by providing education on best practices to empower you to deliver efficient, quality care.


Venous Thromboembolism – Arjo Advanced Clinical Education (ACE)

The VTE ACE program is a nationally certified (A.C.N.) training course aimed at clinicians involved in the management and treatment of patients who are at risk of developing a VTE event which is a serious yet largely preventable condition. The program focuses on the anatomy and pathophysiology of the development, incidence and prevalence of VTE and exploring why hospitalised patients are 100 times more likely to develop a clot.

These sessions will explore best practice preventative measures and review current risk assessment and VTE guidelines to help reduce VTE events within your facility. Courses can also be customised for online or face to face delivery.

Pressure Injury Prevention – Arjo Advanced Clinical Education (ACE)

The Pressure Injury Prevention ACE program is a nationally certified (A.C.N.) training course aimed at expanding clinician’s knowledge of the latest pressure injury guidelines and solutions to prevent pressure injuries.
The program will cover the following;
1. Provide an overview of the aetiology of pressure injury development, including new insights related to the ‘Pressure injury damage cascade’.
2. Identify and understand risk factors for pressure injury development and how these may be managed to prevent pressure injury occurrence.
3. Understand the specific needs of patients at risk of, or with an existing pressure injury.
4. Explain pressure injury prevention solutions and support surface technologies.

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