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Arjo ANZ Webinar Series – On Demand

Clinical Education Series

Watch any of our webinars at your convenience and keep up-to-date on the latest clinical insights, topics and trends in health care.

October 2021


World Thrombosis Day - VTE: Diagnosis - Management - Prevention

September 2021


Why seating matters for long term care


VTE - Resultant venous insufficiency and risk of slow to heal lower leg ulceration

Arjo.Auralis_bariatric 8X5.jpg

Bariatric Care: Pressure Injury Prevention

June 2021

Arjo.Hygiene Carendo Comfort Collection (3)8x5 web_1.jpg

Matching the right hygiene solution to your patients & residents needs

Arjo.Flowtron DVT (7)8x5 web.jpg

What makes your patient 100 times more likely to experience a VTE event?

Arjo.Auralis (20)8x5 web_1.jpg

Microclimate management as a skin integrity protection strategy

March 2021

bariatric 8x5.jpg

Bariatric Considerations for Patient & Resident Handling

SEM Scanner (12)8x52.jpg

SEM measurement as a precursor to non-blanching erythema to determine pressure injury risk


VTE Prevention and the Australian Clinical Care Standard

December 2020


Mobility Gallery – Choosing the correct lifter for your resident/patient

November 2020

Arjo.Dementia Wellness Nordic Relax Chair 8x5.jpg

Dementia – Non pharmacological management & the Wellness Nordic Relax Chair

Flowtron ACS900 with garments8x5.jpg

Flowtron ACS900 DVT Prophylaxis System product in-service

Arjo.Auralis 8x5_with SPID.jpg

The Challenge of staging pressure injury in darkly pigmented skin - a Western Sydney experience

October 2020


WTD - It's more than just a clot: Look at the forest through the trees


Arjo VTE Prevention Clinical Education - Mater QLD

Maxi sky 2 resident_8x5.jpg

Patient & Resident Lifting Slings – How to correctly choose & fit a sling


Pressure Injury Staging and Management

September 2020


Prone Positioning in Critical Care


Dementia – A Patient Centred Approach


Arjo VTE Prevention Clinical Education

August 2020


VTE Prevention Clinical Presentation - Calvary Healthcare


VTE Prevention Clinical Presentation - Healthscope


Pressure Injury Aetiology - an Arjo Clinical In-service

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Arjo ANZ Webinar – Clinical Education Series

Join us as we spotlight the latest trending topics in critical care, early mobility, safe patient handling, wound care, DVT prevention and more.

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