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Moving care forward

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Whitepaper: Novel therapeutic chair benefits residents with dementia

The Wellness Nordic Relax Chair is Arjo’s key non-pharma solution for person-centred dementia care. Automated programmes help carers respond to dementia care challenges and 9 out of 10 recommend it.³

What else do carers think? Read the whitepaper to find out.


Dementia care & Covid-19

For caregivers working with people in long-term care, 2020 has created a unique set of challenges. Around the world, measures to control the spread of Covid-19 such as isolation, distancing and minimised physical contact have made delivering person-centred care extremely difficult – and yet it has never been more important.¹

Arjo dementia care solutions are designed to support smooth care routines, maintain and improve mobility, and promote a calm environment.

To find out more about how we can support care in the time of Covid-19, please read more on our Dementia Care solutions.

Centering care around body and mind

Today, approximately 50 million people worldwide live with dementia, with the condition affecting more than 60%¹ of longterm care residents. While caring for a resident with dementia can be incredibly rewarding, the nature and complexity of the condition means that as it progresses many people develop responsive behaviours that can create challenging situations and moments of friction in the care environment.

As the number of residents living with dementia continues to rise, so does the need for support - both at a carer and facility level. For carers and their residents living with dementia, we deliver non-pharmaceutical solutions that enable a person-centred approach to essential routines designed to reduce moments of friction around the clock.

Facilitate smoother activities of daily living

In an environment where intimate care routines can entail a moment of friction, our solutions are designed to make every-day tasks easier for carers and comfortable for residents.

Enable one-to-one interactions

Many Arjo solutions are designed to be used by a single carer, are easy and intuitive to use, and integrate across the care pathway. We strive to enable carers to deliver one-to-one care with less time focused on task- based necessities - and more time for quality interactions.

Support a calm and dignified care environment

Equally important to activities of daily living is the need to create and capture positive moments that promote contentment and joy. Extending beyond essential routines and bodily needs, our solutions can bring wellness, calmness and dignity to residents and benefit the overall care environment.

Understanding the individual

We have developed the Mobility Gallery and Dementia care personas to assist you in identifying individual needs and selecting appropriate solutions that support activities of daily living.
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Person-centered care

We believe it is only by applying a person-centered approach when caring for someone living with dementia that quality of life can be maintained, episodes of responsive behavior can be minimized and dignity can be maintained.
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Designing for dementia

At the core of our research and development process for both acute and long-term care are our design principles. These principles not only guide product development, they are the foundation of our portfolio and are in place to ensure we continue to meet the evolving needs and challenges of today’s care environments

The Arjo dementia care product portfolio

Our carefully selected dementia care portfolio can assist you in delivering person centred care around the clock, from patient transfers to bathing and wellness.

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