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Intuitive drive assist for your Enterprise or Citadel bed

IndiGo is the intuitive drive assistance that makes lighter transport available to any caregiver with just a touch – for safety and simplicity.

Transporting patients in hospital beds is a common patient handling task that can pose significant ergonomic risks for involved caregivers, such as nurses, porters and transport team members.(1) At Arjo, we believe the right transport assist solution should ensure you always have enough time and energy left for the job that matters most: caring for patients.

For hospitals looking to reduce ergonomic risk and support efficient workflows, IndiGo is the powered 5th wheel that aims to offer a helping hand in order to make every transport as safe, controlled and simple as possible.

Supports caregiver and patient safety
Intuitive ‘grab-and-go’ operation
Easy and seamless workflow integration

IndiGo can be supplied factory-fitted to new Enterprise and Citadel beds, or it can be retrofitted to select frames, including Enterprise 5000X, Enterprise 8000X, Enterprise 9000X and Citadel Patient Care System.

1. Paul, G. & Quintero-Duran, M. Ergonomic assessment of hospital bed moving using DHM Siemens JACK. Proceedings 19th Triennial Congress of the IEA, Melbourne 9-14 August 2015.

IndiGo is the breakthrough intuitive drive assist technology that enables a single caregiver to easily manoeuvre the hospital bed from any position – without the added complexity of separate controls or handles.

Supports caregiver and patient safety

  • Provides intelligent drive and braking assistance based on caregiver input – will increase or decrease assist as required.
  • May reduce the ergonomic risk associated with patient transport by reducing the work needed to move a bed down slopes by 70% and up slopes by 60%.1
  • Responsive assistance helps avoid the control and movement disadvantages associated with traditional power drive systems.

Intuitive ‘grab-and-go’ operation

  • Ground-breaking 360º operation means no buttons, handles or controls – simply grab the bed and go.
  • Can be pushed or pulled from anywhere around the bed.
  • Built directly into the bed itself without compromising standard bed functionality.

Easy and seamless workflow integration

  • Always available to give caregivers the help they need, whenever they need it.
  • Minimal required training supports the normal hospital workflow.

Automatic slope detection

  • Provides extra assistance on inclines and braking assistance when moving down a slope.

Clear on/off indicator

  • Blue LED light illuminates the floor on both sides of the bed when the drive wheel is active or when the battery is low.

Simple activation

  • Automatically activated by lifting the brake pedal to the upright position – an easy and intuitive action.

Quick positioning

  • Provides steering mode as well as power assist – simple deactivation allows for sideways movements and small positioning adjustments in tight spaces.

Easy manoeuvrability

  • The centre drive wheel minimises the space needed to take corners as well as full 360-degree turns.

Emergency stop buttons

  • Located at the end and foot ends of the bed, the electronic braking assist function provides a gradual stop, rather than an immediate, hard stop for additional patient and caregiver safety.

Simple attachment and installation

  • Can be clamped on to an existing Citadel or Enterprise bed with minimal preparation of the bed frame.

Existing power connection

  • Connects to the original bed power cord, re-routing to the bed control box.

1. Matz, M., Morgan, J. (2018). The Case For Powered Bed Transport (Whitepaper).


Li-Ion battery25.2v nominal voltage, 4.3 amp capacity battery
charge time from empty: ~4 hours
Full battery achievable distance5000m (3.10 miles)
Low battery achievable distance500 – 1000m (.31 - .62 miles)
Critical battery time remaining20 seconds
Maximum speed for full assistance5km/h (3mph)
IndiGo wheel driveNon-marking
Degree of liquid ingress protectionIPX4
Degree of protection against electrical shockClass 1
Allowed combinationCitadel Bed Frame System
Enterprise 5000X Acute Care Hospital
Bed Enterprise 8000X Acute Care Hospital Bed
Enterprise 9000X Acute Care Hospital Bed
Expected Service LifeThe expected service life is 10 years when
preventative maintenance is performed as
specified in the Care and Preventive Maintenance
section of the Instructions for Use (IFU) document
Watt-hour rating108 Wh Nominal
Safe working loadIndiGo has the same Safe Working Load as the bed to which it is fitted


BatteryLithium-ion. Not for disposal, only to be recycled
PackageWood and corrugated cardboard recyclable
IndiGoElectric, metal and plastic parts shall be separated and recycled according to (WEEE) and according to markings on the unit

Operating, transport and storage conditions

Temperature (operating)14°C to 35°C (57°F to 95°F)
Temperature (transport and storage)-29°C to 50°C (-20°F to 122°F)
Relative humidity (operating)20%-80%
Relative humidity (transport and storage)20%-90% at 30°C (86°F),
Atmospheric pressure (operating)700 hPa to 1060 hPa
Atmospheric pressure (transport and storage)700 hPa to 1060 hPa

Certifications and standards

IEC 60601-1:2005 + A1:2012
Medical Electrical Equipment
UN DOT 38.3
Transportation Testing for Lithium Batteries
EU Directive 2011/65/EU
Restriction of the use of certain hazardous substances in electrical and electronic equipment


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