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Freedom Bath

Opening the door to a revolution in residential bathing

The Freedom Bath® is one of the most easily accessible baths ever built. 

In residential care environments, full long-side access makes both independent and assisted bathing safer and easier.

Enhancing lives

The Freedom Bath can improve quality of life, by maximising the level of active involvement in the bathing process

Making tasks easier and safer

Lift integration with the side entry Freedom Bath means no manual resident/patient handling is required during assisted bathing sessions. The controls are positioned for convenient access by both caregiver and independent bather.

Improving care and efficiency

This is a highly efficient hygiene system for independent bathing and can reduce the demand for assisted bathing. The Freedom bath makes independent bathing more accessible to the more ambulatory residents, as the side of the bath is no longer a problem. This could reduce the amount of staff resources necessary for assisted bathing.

  • A unique electric roll door provides simple access for residents/patients, retracting into the base of the bath during entry and exit.
  • Built-in mixer, a shower handle, as well as a disinfection handle.
  • An integrated contoured seat offers superb comfort and excellent immersion.

Additional features and benefits

  • Additional therapy options include the air spa.
  • A lift-accessible version provides higher floor clearance for assisted bathing.
  • Compatible with the Stedy®, Sara® 3000 and Sara® Plus.

Sit bath with full width/height side opening for safe, easy entry and exit.

Technical information

Measurements, volumes and weights

Total length1510 mm (59 1/2")
Total width760 mm (30")
Max height1210 mm (47 5/8")
Seat height505-540 mm (20-21 1/4")
Weight140 to 165 kg (308 to 364 lbs) c 225 L (59 gal (US))
Max total weight550 kg (1213 lbs)
Drain flow rate130 L/min (34 gal (US)/min)
Drain flow rate with water trap110 L/min (29 gal (US)/min)



MarketVoltageFrequencyPower consumption
Europe230/240 V single phase AC50 Hzmax 800 VA
North America120 V single phase AC60 Hzmax 800 VA
Japan100 V single phase AC50/60 Hzmax 800 VA
The unit must be continuously powered and connected to separate fuse with ground fault interrupter.


Water supply

Cold/hot water connections, inlets and outlets3/4''
Operating dynamic pressure100-600 kPa (15-87 psi)
Rec. dynamic pressure200-300 kPa (29-43.5 psi)
Operating temperaturesMax HW 80°C (176°F) Min HW 60°C (140°F) Max CW 20°C (68°F) Min CW 2°C (36°F)
Recommended water flow(CW + HW) 25+25 L/min (6.6+6.6 gal (US)/min)
Minimum drain100 L/min (26.4 gal (US)/min)
  • Optional lift integration for residents/patients needing assistance.
  • Unique electric roll door, which retracts into the base of the bath during entry and exit, providing simple access for residents/patients.
  • Durable inflatable seal.
  • Flexible drain and plumbing connections for easy installation.
  • Very good immersion for high bathing comfort.
  • Rigid support handle.
  • Can be installed in standard dimension bathing alcoves or as a free-standing bath.
  • Optional air spa.
  • MultiClean™ disinfection system for air spa (optional) combats cross infection.
  • Optional built-in pressure and thermostatic-regulated mixer for filling and showering.
  • Touchpad operation with lock-out function to prevent unauthorised use.
  • Emergency release of roll door for greater safety.


  • Head cushion
  • Safety belt

Freedom Bath Flyer 2 pages

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Freedom Bath Instructions for use


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* Please check with your local sales representative if the product is available for sale in your country.