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Classic Line 2

Height-adjustable assisted bathing

The new Classic Line 2 bathtub is part of a complete bathing solution that supports resident and caregiver safety and enhances resident well-being. Compatible with Arjo’s transfer lifts and bath lifts, this hygiene system provides residents with varying levels of mobility, to access their bathing cycle.

Reliability and safety in mind
The Classic Line 2 has multiple safety features to provide a relaxing and safe bathing experience for the resident. These include triple anti-scalding protection, water temperature display, emergency stop and lowering, and a control panel lock. The hygiene system includes an optional integrated disinfection system and systematic water flush, which helps to protect the resident from cross infection.

Increased wellness benefits
The home-like design can help to create a comfortable and familiar bathing experience. Optional features which include the AirSpa™ can further assist in improving the overall bathing experience.

Allows for single caregiver use
Compatible with Arjo’s transfer lifts and bath lifts, the Classic Line 2 allows a single caregiver to ensure a streamlined bathing routine for residents of varying functional mobility. This height-adjustable bathtub enables the caregiver to bathe the resident in an ergonomically sound and safe working position, allowing them to focus on the care of the resident.
Allows a single caregiver to bathe the resident in an ergonomically sound and safe working position.

Inward bending side cover
Covers that bend inwards provide additional space for caregivers’ knees, allowing them to get as close as possible to the resident.

Systematic water flush
Every 24 hours, water flushes through the pipework, preventing water from stagnating, reducing the possibility of bacteria forming.

Triple anti-scalding protection
Stops the flow of water if the temperature exceeds safety levels.

• Thermostatic mixer
• Temperature display for fill/shower and bathtub water
• Emergency stop
• Control panel functions lock
• Overflow
• Grab handles
• Foot support/tub shortener

Emergency Lowering (optional)
In the case of a power failure, the tub can be lowered to safely transfer the resident out of the bath.

AirSpa™ therapy (optional)
The AirSpa™ therapy system blows air of varying intensity through 10 strategically placed jets, which has a relaxing and massaging effect on the user.

Integrated cleaning and disinfection system (optional)
Enables the caregiver to clean and disinfect the bath and any transfer device after use.

• Special colour according to RAL (optional)
Product Information
Max safe working load, SWL (patient + water) 415 kg
Maximum patient weight 182 kg
Total weight, excl. packaging 141 kg
Total length (external) 2185 mm
Total width (external) 780 mm
Total length (internal) 1885 mm
Total width (internal widest point) 665 mm
Min height from tub rim 730 mm
Max height from tub rim 1030 mm
Water capacity up to overflow 300 L
Filling time up to auto fill level, 3000 kPa dyn, pressure (Hw 80C) 4min 40s
Filling time up to overflow level, 3000 kPa dyn, pressure (Hw 80C) 7min 40s
Emptying time from overflow level 8min 12s in low position or 6min in high position
Maximum static water pressure 6 bar (600 kPa, 87 psi)
Minimum operating water pressure 1 bar (100 kPa, 14.5 psi)
IP Class according to IEC 60529 IPX4


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