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Height-adjustable bath lift trolley

Bolero is a height-adjustable bath lift trolley that can be used for lifting, transferring and bathing residents who need to remain in a lying position throughout the entire bathing process.

The full length, padded stretcher supports the resident’s entire body while allowing the caregiver to transport them directly from the bedside into the bath, and back again, without the need for manual lifting or additional transfers, thus providing an efficient alternative to washing-in-bed.

Designed to be operated by a single caregiver, Bolero offers straight steering for manoeuvring along corridors, and can be electrically raised and lowered at the touch of a button, allowing the caregiver to reach their preferred working height.

Compatible with all our height-adjustable recumbent bath tubs.

Designed with Doris and Emma in mind.
  • The Bolero™ is a battery-powered bath lift trolley with a handheld height adjustment control unit.
  • Designed for easy operation, it is highly manoeuvrable and fitted with a straight steering device for corridors.
  • A quick charge battery system ensures Bolero is always available for use.
  • Options include a foldable side rail to enhance residents safety and comfort.
  • Options also include a foot-operated highly accurate electronic scale.
Weight and dimensions
Product A Bolero short
Length mm 1470 mm
Length in 77,56 in
Width mm 860 mm
Width in 33,9 in
Weight kg 68 kg
Weight lb 149 lb
Product B Bolero long
Length mm 1970 mm
Length in 57,9 in
Width mm 860 mm
Width in 33,9 in
Weight kg 78 kg
Weight lb 171 lb
Lifting stroke (hydraulic) mm 500 - 565 mm
Lifting stroke (hydraulic) in 19.63 - 22.25 in
Max Height mm 1730 mm
Max Height in 68,125 in
Low Height mm 1150 mm
Low Height in 45,25 in
Safe Working Load kg 136 kg
Safe Working Load lb 300 lb
Total length of chassis mm 823 mm
Total length of chassis in 32,4 in
Width of chassis (between legs) mm 499 mm
Width of chassis (between legs) in 19,6 in
Height of chassis mm 77 mm
Height of chassis in 3 in
Width of chassis max mm 1000 mm
Width of chassis max in 39,3 in
Protection class handset (electric) IPX7
Protection class trolley (electric) IPX4


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