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Flexibility and choice to support your infection control strategy

With a wide range of high quality equipment including flusher disinfectors, flusher liquids, multiple sluice room design options, and a choice of materials to meet your sluice room needs, we can help you develop an efficient sluice room environment as a key component of your infection control strategy.

Disinfection: ensuring a clean and safe environment

One of the most important operations in a care facility is the safe and efficient disposal of human waste and the disinfection of associated equipment. Reducing the risk of cross infection and protection of staff from harm are essential objectives during this process. The right solutions are vital to help you maintain a safe and efficient care environment.

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Optimizing sluice room design

A well-designed and equipped sluice room can play an important role in infection prevention strategies, ensuring human waste is disposed of safely, quickly, and efficiently with minimal human contact and associated equipment can be easily and safely decontaminated between patient/resident use. Sluice room design should help facilitate and encourage good infection prevention practices and provide a safe pleasant environment for caregivers.

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Flusher chemical liquids

A complete range of clean flusher rinse and detergents, to optimize the performance of your flusher disinfector.

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