Height-adjustable shower trolley

The Carevo® shower trolley provides a comfortable and dignified hygiene experience for dependent residents/patients, and a safe and efficient working solution for caregivers.

The new standard in dignified hygiene care

The Arjo range of shower solutions improve life in care environment.

The Carevo is an innovative hygiene solution for immobile residents/patients. With a superior design and an intuitive user interface, the Carevo sets a new standard in dignified hygiene care.

  • The pressure-relieving advanced flexi zone feature provides better comfort for residents/patients and easier handling and access for caregivers
  • The simple, intuitive and efficient integrated control panel is easily accessible to caregivers
  • Comfort handles provide support for residents/patients and a greater sense of security while promoting participation and mobility
  • The innovative ergo access area allows caregivers to improve workflow while working closer to their residents/patients and reducing static load

Measurements and weights

Max total load (SWL) (patient + water weight)440 lbs (200 kg)
Max patient weight400 lbs (182 kg)
Product weight181 lbs (82 kg)
Lifting stroke13 3/4" (350 mm)
Min lifting height (from floor to patient platform)23 3/4" (605 mm)
Max lifting height (from floor to patient platform)37 2/3" (955 mm)
Width (stretcher)23" (586 mm)
Total width (incl. side supports in inner position)29 3/4" (759 mm)
Total width (incl. side supports in outer position)35" (888 mm)
Inner length (inside the mattress at the bottom)74 3/4" (1900 mm)
Total length (incl. head & foot panel)79" (2005 mm)
Length of chassis47 3/4" (1211 mm)
Width of chassis27 1/2" (700 mm)
Height of chassis (over castors)8" (204 mm)

Chassis clearance (from floor to bottom of chassis)

6" (152 mm)
Max back support angle15°
Stretcher inclination
Drainage hose length1000 mm
Drainage hose diameter40 mm


Battery typeNiMH
Battery voltage24 V DC
Battery capacity2,5 Ah
Motor power actuator raise/lower216 VA
Motor power actuator adjustable back support72 VA
Protection classIPX4


Lifting time stretcher - no load (full stroke)23 ±2 s
Lifting time stretcher - Max load (full stroke)30 ±4 s
Lowering time stretcher - no load (full stroke)20 ±2 s
Lowering time stretcher - Max load (full stroke)20 ±4 s

* Please check with your local sales representative if the product is available for sale in your country.