CenSol II

CenSol II is a therapeutic bath additive used to moisturize and soothe the skin. It is designed for use in modern whirlpool bathing systems, as well as still baths, showers and bed baths.

• Highly effective emulsifiers allows a prolonged oil-in-water suspension for optimal skin moisturizing during the entire bath
• Emulsifiers allow for efficient removal of oil and soil during tub cleaning
• Effectively moisturizes the skin to relieve dryness, promoting healthy skin condition and thereby reducing the risk of skin breakdown and irritation
• Not for use in Hydrosound™ bathing systems

Product Code(s):
LUS-PCA1110-US (4 x 1 Gallon)
LUS-PCA1122-US (4 x 2 Liter)



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