Bariatric shower commode chair

Specially designed for assisted showering, toileting and hygiene care for bariatric patients and residents, Carmina offers a solution for transferring plus size individuals from the bedside, chair or wheelchair to the shower or toilet, and back again.

This can be done without the need for manual lifting or additional transfers, thus facilitating an efficient routine for daily hygiene care.

Carmina is suitable for plus size patients and residents with the mobility level of Albert, Barbara or Carl.
Adjustable footrest and wide arm supports provide additional support for the patient or resident during transfer and showering.

Push poles
Enable caregivers to maneuver the device, while also providing additional support for the patient or resident when seating themselves or standing up. Push poles can be folded away to facilitate transfers or provide caregiver access to perform hygiene care tasks.

Adjustable backrest
With four different seating depths provides extra support for individual needs and allows integration with most toilets.

Tip-up seat
Designed for convenient cleaning and disinfection, as well as to provide access to the commode container.

Suitable for mobility levels A to C.

Measurements and weights

Max. safe working load705 lbs (320 kg)
Weight (Carmina®)165 lbs (75 kg)
Weight (Carmina Basic)81 lbs (37 kg)
Total width (Carmina)39 1/4” (997 mm)
Total width (Carmina Basic)37 3/4” (960 mm)
Total depth (Carmina)38 1/2” (980 mm)
Total depth (Carmina Basic)30” (760 mm)
Total height50” (1265 mm )
Chassis, clearance for lift legs6 1/8” (155 mm)
Chassis, width between legs31 1/4” (793 mm)
Chassis, clearance for toilet18 7/8” (480 mm)
Distance from front of seat to backrest (4 positions)16 1/2 - 20 2/3" (420-525 mm)
Backrest width29 3/8" (745 mm)
Seat width36" (915 mm )
Footrest depth15" (380 mm)
Low friction castorsYes
Turning diameter51 1/8" (1300 mm)


CE marked. Tested by TüV

Carmina Instructions for use

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