Compatible with our range of height-adjustable bath lifter chairs, our Century sit-bath is designed to enable a single caregiver to transfer a patient or resident directly from the bedside or wheelchair into the bath.

Century features a keyhole shape which allows the caregiver closer access to the resident while creating additional shoulder space when the resident is reclining in the tub.

Designed with Albert, Barbara and Carl in mind.
Two levels of anti-scalding protection
Digital displays clearly indicate the temperature for the water in the tub as well as the water coming from the mixer faucet or shower wand. Automatic hot water shut-off when exceeding safe temperature.

Automatically fills the tub to pre-set water levels so you may focus your attention on your patient or resident.

Control panel
With digital display and touchpad controls.

Shower wand with integrated holder
Allows targeted cleaning and showering while the resident is in the tub, and features a lock button for continuous water flow without having to keep pressing on the trigger.

Optional features
Include an integrated cleaning and disinfection system, Hydromassage spa therapy and Hydrosound cleaning therapy.

Designed for patients and residents with mobility levels A to C.

Compatible with Alenti and Calypso bath chair lifters.

The Century - Technical information

Measurements and weights

Total length63 3/8" (1610 mm)
Total width33 1/2" (850 mm)
Total weight231 lbs (105 kg)
Water consumption (filled, with resident/patient)53 gal (200 L)
Max total weight (filled)925 lbs (420 kg)
Filling time, 300 kPa dynamic pressure3 minutes 30 sec
Emptying time, drainage outlet at ground level3 minutes 20 sec




FrequencyPower consumption
Europe230/240 V single phase AC50 Hzmax 700 VA
North America120 V single phase AC60 Hzmax 700 VA
Japan100 V single phase AC50/60 Hz max 700 VA
The unit must be continuously powered and connected to separate fuse with ground fault interrupter.

Water supply

Cold waterG3/4" male (customer connection)
Warm waterG3/4" male (customer connection)
Operating dynamic pressure15-87 psi (100-600 kPa)
Rec. dynamic pressure29-43.5 psi (200-300 kPa)
Operating temperaturesMin HW 100°F (38°C ) Max HW 176°F (80°C) Max CW 77°F (25°C)
Recommended temperaturesHW 100-149°F (38-65°C) CW 50-64°F (10-18°C)
Recommended water flow(CW + HW) 6.6+6.6 gal US/min (25+25 L/min)
Minimum drain26.4 gal US/min (100 L/min)

Century Instructions for use

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