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A feeling beyond clean

The need for assisted hygiene is increasing and as patients and resident becomes more dependent. Providing the right assistive devices and hygiene equipment will enable access to shower or bathing facilities as preferred, as well as reduce the exposure to unacceptable levels of physical overload and risk of injury to the caregiver.

We recognize that clinical decision making is complex and should be based upon the best available evidence. This clinical resource providing examples of evidence supporting the use of hygiene and bathing solutions.

Hygiene and Wellness Clinical Evidence Summary
This clinical evidence summary focuses around both showering and bathing solutions and how to enhance resident wellbeing, improve efficiency while avoiding caregiver risks.

Key focus areas:

  • Assisted hygiene care challenges and person centered hygiene care
  • Reducing caregiver risk during assisted showering
  • Increase efficiency in assisted showering
  • Reducing caregiver risk during assisted bathing
  • Increase efficiency in assisted bathing
  • Bathing to enhance well-being
  • Bathing at the bedside

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Improve efficiency and avoid risks

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