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Arjo – is a registered NDIS provider
Arjo is a registered NDIS provider offering a range of products and solutions for both purchase and rental. Our solutions include patient handling, mobility, bariatric, dementia, long term care beds, pressure injury prevention, and hygiene.

Whether it be an individual who is highly dependent on the assistance of a carer or an elderly patient, we believe the experience of long-term care should be one of wellness and dignity. We work to develop and deliver solutions that help to ensure you are able to provide comfortable and dignified care for those with reduced mobility and cognitive impairment.

The Arjo Positive Eight philosophy visualises the provision of proper equipment to support patient mobility and reduce caregiver injury. In addition to the Positive Eight Arjo also uses the Mobility Gallery as an assessment and communication tool to distinguish between different levels of functional mobility. The Mobility Gallery aids development of a higher standard of care, stemming from insight into - and monitoring of - the requirements and preconditions for this type of care, as well as for the wellbeing of caregivers.

Our philosophy and assessment tools are extremely important and a crucial part of our success in always striving to be the most trusted partner in driving healthier outcomes for people facing mobility challenges.

Arjo also offers an Architects and Planners portal which can assist when planning home modifications. This can guide you with ensuring door and hallways are wide enough so that equipment can be easily moved around within the room.

Our Arjo Youtube channel hosts a large range of videos which will give you an idea of our product range and how they may be suitable for you.

If you are claiming one of our products or services within your NDIS plan, please enter our NDIS provider number: 405 0000 402 in your claiming process. This will ensure the service booking is lodged with the correct provider and avoid delays in processing.

How can we can help you achieve your NDIS client’s goals with our solutions?

Please contact us at or call our Customer Service Team on 1800 072 040 for assistance, Monday – Friday (8:30am - 6:00pm EST.)

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For further information regarding NDIS please visit their website.

Medical beds

We offer a wide range of hospital and long term healthcare beds that allow good infection control, offer enhanced ergonomics, comfort, security and ease of use, and promote effective risk management.

Safe patient handling

For patients and residents with limited or impaired mobility, time spent out of bed may be a specific rehabilitation goal or the highlight of their day.

Pressure injury prevention

A comprehensive portfolio designed to manage resident and patient outcomes by helping to treat and prevent the complications that are associated with immobility.
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