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Arjo Renu Noncritical - non-invasive devices

Noncritical, non-invasive devices that can be reprocessed

Arjo ReNu's™ quality assurance processes include:

  • Unique bar code identifiers applied to individual devices to track each step of their functional life and provide complete traceability
  • Tracking and monitoring of every HLD production number, including time and temperature, to ensure that 100% of devices achieve high-level disinfection

Arjo Australia currently reprocess Flowtron DVT and TriPulse Compression garments with additional product lines coming soon.


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About us

Reprocessing can be achieved by disinfecting noncritical, non-invasive single-use medical devices so they can be used again.

Instructions for Use

Download Flowtron DVT Instruction for Use.

HLD pasteurisation process

Arjo ReNu offers a variety of service options for hospitals to consider when implementing a reprocessing program for noncritical, non-invasive medical devices.

Benefits of HLD pasteurisation

Our top priority is to provide a sustainable reprocessing solution for patients, clinicians and the planet.

Products that can be reprocessed

Arjo ReNu has TGA approval to reprocess single use DVT garments with expansion across a number of noncritical, non-invasive medical devices in the future.

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