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Benefits HLD Pasteurization

Benefits of HLD pasteurisation


  • Savings from reprocessing through decreased waste disposal costs can be reinvested to advance patient care initiatives


  • Enhances the life of devices by providing more cycles and less landfill waste
  • Environmentally friendly “green” process that uses no toxic chemicals
  • High-temperature water-based process produces no harmful air emissions
  • Does not discolor or degrade original materials


  • No chemicals or carcinogens
  • 100% of products are functionally and visually tested post-reprocessing
  • Devices look, feel and function as brand-new
  • No outsourcing of processes

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About us

Reprocessing can be achieved by disinfecting noncritical, non-invasive single-use medical devices so they can be used again.

Instructions for Use

Download Flowtron DVT Instruction for Use.

HLD pasteurisation process

Arjo ReNu offers a variety of service options for hospitals to consider when implementing a reprocessing program for noncritical, non-invasive medical devices.

Benefits of HLD pasteurisation

Our top priority is to provide a sustainable reprocessing solution for patients, clinicians and the planet.

Products that can be reprocessed

Arjo ReNu has TGA approval to reprocess single use DVT garments with expansion across a number of noncritical, non-invasive medical devices in the future.

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