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Maxi Transfer Sheet

Maxi Transfer Sheet is a repositioning and lifting sheet (which can also be used in place of bed linen) and is used with a passive lifting device for lateral and in-bed positioning. An exciting concept designed for lateral and in bed positioning solutions that simplify transfer routines.

This single-layer seamless transfer sheet offers a combination of standard bed linen and repositioning sling. No need to remove the sheet from under the patient after the transfer thanks to its high-tech microfiber that improves overall microclimate, as it is highly breathable and prevents heat build-up.1. Transfers and repositioning are more efficient and require less effort for the caregiver resulting also in less discomfort for the patient.2,3

Maxi Transfer Sheet does not interfere with the performance and benefits of therapeutic support surfaces.4. Improves overall microclimate, as it is highly breathable and prevents heat build-up.1

1. Pressure ulcer prevention: keep it safe, keep it simple. In: Duffy V, Lightner N (eds). Advances in Human Aspects of Healthcare. Proceedings Applied Human Factors and Ergonomics: USA. 2014; 3: 19-24.

2. Moving patients safely. British Journal of Nursing 2015; 24(6): S1-S23.

3. Knibbe HJJ, Onrust M, Dieperink W & Zijlstra J. Analysis of a Transfer Device for Horizontal Transfers and Repositioning on an ICU: Effects on the Quality of Care and the Quality of Work. Proceedings of the 5th International Conference on Applied Human Factors and Ergonomics AHFE 2014, Kraków, Poland 19-23 July 2014.

4. Phillips L & Clark M. A novel lifting sheet has minimal impact on the off-loading performance of an ‘active’ (alternating) pressure redistributing (PR) mattress? EPUAP, 2013.
Colour-coded strap indicators at the edge of the sheet show the size of the sheet. All stitching is at the edge of the bed, ensuring a seam-free surface under the patient.

The long valances cover the straps of the Maxi Transfer Sheet giving the appearance of a standard bed sheet.

Polyester fabric that is highly breathable and prevents heat build-up, to support microclimate management.1

Soft loop fabric, and loop designed for attachment to the lifter of choice offering flexibility in repositioning the patient. Maxi Transfer Sheet is compatible with Maxi Move (floor lifter), as well as Maxi Sky 2 and Maxi Sky 2 Plus (ceiling lifters).
Weight and dimensions
Safe Working Load (SWL) kg 272 kg
Safe Working Load (SWL) lb 600 in
Regular Support Surface (Width) mm 960 mm
Regular Support Surface (Width) in 38 in
Regular Support Surface (Length) mm 2440 mm
Regular Support Surface (Length) in 96 in
Wide Support Surface (Width) mm 1250 mm
Wide Support Surface (Width) in 49 in
Wide Support Surface (Length) mm 2440
Wide Support Surface (Length) in 96 in
Side Valance (Width) mm 400 mm
Side Valance (Width) in 16 in
Side Valance (Length) mm 2440 mm
Side Valance (Length) in 96 in


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