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AirPal air-assisted patient transfer system


With the AirPal® patient transfer system, you can transfer patients from one surface to another and reposition within the bed safely, comfortably and efficiently.​ ​

AirPal supports the patient on a bed of air — an elevating effect created by air flowing through the perforated underside of the AirPal transfer mattress, lifting the patient away from the bed surface.

Safely: Air Assisted Lateral Transfer devices significantly reduce both​ biomechanical demands and injury risk.¹

Comfortably: Cushioning the patient on a bed of air, AirPal can help keep discomfort to a minimum. Demonstrated to significantly reduce physical demands on caregivers, AirPal ranks the most preferred air-assisted device in terms of both comfort and performance.²

Efficiently: In most cases AirPal requires only two caregivers to safely​ transfer a patient. And, because AirPal can be left under the patient, this saves time if another transfer is necessary.​

To assist you in providing the best care possible, here are some resources that you might find useful: ​ ​ ​ 

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Discover the benefits of AirPal and see it in action with a personalized demonstration from an Arjo representative​.

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Whitepaper: Caregivers' ergonomics

In an ergonomic testing of 3 different air-assisted solutions, AirPal received the highest (best) rating of all systems by the users for performance and comfort and was ranked highest (most preferred) overall.

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5 things to consider

things to consider when choosing an air-assisted transfer device