Carefully crafted for safety and security — designed with fall prevention in mind.

A robust and durable chair, Atlanta™ provides a safe and comfortable seat for those with vigorous involuntary movements, while reducing the risk of falling from the chair.

The Atlanta comfortably accommodates individuals who may be challenging to seat. Originally designed for patients with Huntington’s disease, this chair is widely used for patients with late-stage dementia. The Atlanta has been designed to be strong and stable so as to withstand rigorous use.

The Atlanta can be used in the management of lower limb edema.

The variable angle leg rest, used in combination with the integrated tilt and recline, helps to elevate the feet higher than the heart, which assists with fluid drainage.

Individuals with tight hamstrings and contracted legs can also be accommodated due to the negative angle clearance under the seat - this allows the feet to retract behind the knee without compromising the person’s position in the chair.

Ease of use
Adjustable in less than one minute:
• On site
• Without tools
• Fixed to limit improper adjustment

Infection control
We take infection control seriously. Our chairs have been specifically designed to decrease entrapment areas where bacteria and germs can survive. The hook and loop-free design can be easily taken apart for quick and effective cleaning.
Basic Dimensions
Overall height 45 in / 1,135 mm
Back height 30 in / 750 mm
Seat height 21 in / 540 mm
Inside back width 20 in / 505 mm
Overall length 53 in / 1,350 mm
Reclined length 67 in / 1,700 mm
Seat depth 19 in / 480 mm
Leg rest length 16.5 in / 420 mm
Clearance height 3 in / 75 mm
Safe Working Load (SWL)
Chair weight unloaded is 147.71 lb / 67 kg
Chair user weight limit is 364 lb / 159 kg
Available seat and overall width
Variations Seat width Overall width 15 in / 380 mm 25 in / 635 mm* 18 in / 450 mm 27 in / 690 mm* 20 in / 500 mm 27 in / 690 mm* 22 in / 550 mm 29 in / 740 mm* 24 in / 600 mm 31 in / 790 mm* * Dimension includes leg rest belt. Deduct 1.5 in / 35 mm if belt is not used.
Arm height options
Medium 25 in / 630 mm
High 26 in / 660 mm
Recline and tilt angles
Back angle recline 110° – 140° 30° range
Leg rest angle 75° – 107° 32° range
Integrated tilt and recline 54° – 74° 20° range


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