A comprehensive system that helps simplify prone therapy

It is well known that some critically ill, immobile patients benefit from being placed in the prone position. As a result, an increasing number of physicians are adopting this practice. The RotoProne® Therapy System is a comprehensive system that provides an efficient and effective way to prone patients.

RotoProne is not just another medical device but includes an interconnected network of Arjo resources that support our customers caring for critically ill, immobile patients.

Clinical Education
Our Clinical Education team of Registered Nurses and other licensed health care professionals provide education on topics such as Early Mobility in the ICU, Nursing Considerations for Prone Positioning, Skin Care Guidelines, and assistance with protocol development.

Clinical Placement Support
In most geographic locations, Arjo offers 24/7 clinical placement support either remotely or in person.

Service Consultant Support
Arjo has a team of Certified RotoProne Service Consultants that will deliver the RotoProne and assist with product in- services, upon request, to ensure that clinical staff is comfortable with the features and functions of RotoProne.

Technical Support
Should your staff have any RotoProne related technical questions or concerns, we are just a phone call away.

Product Training
Arjo Account Managers, Service Consultants, and Critical Care Consultants provide product training to ensure that clinical staff is knowledgeable about how to use the features and functions on RotoProne.
Maximizing efficiency

• Unlike manual proning which generally requires 6-8 staff members, proning patients with RotoProne® can be accomplished by 1-2 caregivers
• With RotoProne, patients can be easily turned and repositioned with the touch of a button
• Bilateral rotation up to 62 degrees, Trendelenburg, and Reverse Trendelenburg can be accomplished with the touch of a button
• Allows caregivers to program specific prescribed turn angles in degrees as well as pause times to maximize mobilization of secretions and improve V/Q ratio

Minimizing risk

• To perform CPR quickly, RotoProne allows caregivers to supine patients in less than 40 seconds
• To help reduce the risk of skin breakdown and pressure ulcer development, RotoProne can off-load pressure when the patient is placed in the reverse Trendelenburg position and when utilizing bilateral rotation
• RotoProne features a tube management system that provides secure placement of patient tubes and lines during rotation
• The caregiver can use the hand control unit located near the hoop gate of the RotoProne to reposition or rotate patient while monitoring critical lines and tubes

Technical information


Length with accessories and bumpers93" Min /101" Max
Height to patient surface35" Min /46" Max
Height to top of hoop51" Min /62" Max
Ground clearance, surface lowered/with shipping blocks0.5" Min/3.25" Max


Max recommended patient weight350 lbs
Min recommended patient weight88 lbs
Total unit weight1240 lbs


Max recommended patient height6’ 6”
Min recommended patient height4’ 6”

Surface position

Rotation angle to each sideup to 62°
Trendelenburg, supine position only+11°
Reverse Trendelenburg, prone and supine positions-11°


Scale accuracy+/- 1% patient weight
Scale capacity, including accessories and equipment500 lbs


Voltage115 V
Cycles60 Hz
Max ampere rating8 amps
Max electrical leakage<100 Microamps
Power cord10, hospital grade


For warranty information please contact your local representative.

Part number

Complete assembly209500


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* Please check with your local sales representative if the product is available for sale in your country.