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Patient Handling Solutions


Did you know that for employees who provided direct patient care, 59% of the caregivers injuries were attributed to patient handling activities such as repositioning, transferring, preventing a patient fall and assisting a patient during a procedure.¹ ​


For patients and residents with limited or impaired mobility, time spent out of bed may be a specific rehabilitation goal or the highlight of their day. Manual handling of patients has been seen to be a key contributor of musculoskeletal injury and pain among nurses and therapists.²,³​

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Discover the benefits of our Patient Handling Solutions with a personalized demonstration from an Arjo representative. Book a demonstration to see our Patient Handling Solutions in action.

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Download Clinical Evidence Summary

Patient handling transfers using a multifaceted approach can help to reduce injury amongst caregivers and promote healthier outcomes for those affected by mobility challenges. Download your free copy of our Patient Handling Clinical Evidence Summary.

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5 solutions that support single-handed care

Freeing up caregivers allows them to meet the needs of more patients and improves patient flow throughout acute hospitals, enabling a timely hospital admission and discharge.