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A revolution at Hornsby ICU: Transforming pressure injury care with Provizio® SEM Scanner


Pressure injuries, often called pressure sores or bedsores, have long been a challenging issue for patients and the healthcare system. These painful wounds compromise a patient's physical well-being and impact their psychological health and overall quality of life. Detecting pressure injuries early is crucial to prevent their development and improve patient outcomes.

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In a remarkable breakthrough, Hornsby's Intensive Care Unit (ICU) in Australia is leading the way by introducing an innovative scanning device, the Provizio® SEM scanner. This cutting-edge technology is revolutionising how pressure injuries are diagnosed and treated, offering a glimmer of hope to patients and healthcare providers alike.

Provizio® SEM Scanner, a game-changer in pressure injury detection at the heart of this ground-breaking development is the Provizio® Scanner, a wireless sub-epidermal moisture (SEM) Scanner. This remarkable device is the first of its kind in the world and is now being trialled at Hornsby's ICU. The scanner is designed to detect SEM in the tissue, which is a key indicator of pressure injuries. What makes it truly exceptional is its ability to identify SEM changes as deep as 4 mm below the skin's surface, often up to five days before any visible signs appear.

Hornsby ICU nurse unit_Arjo Provizio blog.jpgJay Halkhoree, the Nurse Unit Manager of Hornsby's ICU, stumbled upon the Provizio® SEM Scanner while researching articles about pressure injury management. Intrigued by the device's potential, he reached out to friends and colleagues in Europe who were already using it and received glowing recommendations. Recognising the immense value it could bring to their patients, Jay was determined to introduce this technology to Hornsby's ICU.  

The urgent need for improved pressure injury management pressure injuries have been a persistent challenge for healthcare professionals worldwide. These injuries inflict significant pain and suffering on patients and carry a substantial financial burden on the global medical system. One of the most alarming aspects of pressure injuries is that they don't always manifest on the skin's surface initially, making early detection a subjective and challenging task. Nurses often rely on their judgment to assess the risk of pressure injury development, which can result in missed cases or late intervention.


The Provizio® SEM Scanner's Remarkable Impact In a trial run of the Provizio® SEM Scanner at Hornsby's ICU in 2022, the results were nothing short of astonishing. When compared to the subjective assessment method, which nurses had previously used to identify at-risk patients, the Provizio® SEM Scanner demonstrated its superiority. An astounding 90 per cent of scans showed a high-risk score in patients who had been initially identified as having low or no risk of developing pressure injuries.

Hornsby Hospital ICU Leading the Way Hornsby Hospital ICU is making history as the first hospital in Australia to adopt this ground-breaking technology. Jay Halkhoree expressed his excitement, saying, "We are really excited for Hornsby Hospital ICU to be the first ICU to introduce this technology." This achievement reflects the commitment of the hospital to providing the best possible care to its patients and serving as a pioneer in innovative healthcare solutions.


The introduction of the Provizio® SEM Scanner at Hornsby's ICU marks a significant turning point in the battle against pressure injuries. This revolutionary technology has the potential to transform pressure injury management not only in Australia but around the world. As we witness the positive impact it has on patient outcomes, we can't help but anticipate a future where pressure injuries are detected and prevented with unprecedented precision. Hornsby's ICU is a remarkable example of how innovation and dedication can bring about a healthcare revolution, providing hope and relief to patients and healthcare providers alike.

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Deliver objective and anatomically-specific assessment of pressure injury (PI) risk 5 days*¹ earlier than visual skin assessment, regardless of skin tone². This empowers you with a window of opportunity to deploy a tailored prevention strategy to minimise PI incidence.

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